Monday, March 25, 2013

Bookmark Binge: March 25, 2013

Haven't gotten enough of...

...The Madman's Daughter?
The series will be a trilogy.  The first book was based on The Island of Doctor Moreau, the second book will be based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the third will be based on Frankenstein.
The book has been optioned for film by Paramount Pictures.
Love the design of the Australian/NZ cover.
Listen to the Official Playlist including liner notes from the author.

...The Archived?
Sneak a peek at the sequel's title and cover design.
The author talks about her inspiration for The Archived and more in this twitter chat.
Watch her Making History with Victoria Schwab vlog tour.

...Written in Red?
Okay, first of all, the Australian cover is so much cooler.
Read an excerpt over at Tor.

...Anne of Green Gables?
I'm not sure, but I think spamming Maggie with the art of Hanoul was the tipping point that finally made her pick up Anne.  Or maybe I just want an excuse to post it all again here: Look at these gorgeous illustrations.
My sister posted the cover featured in this link to facebook with the caption: TRAGICAL. But we loved the internet reaction.
Take a virtual tour of Green Gables and if I am ever near Prince Edward Island I am totally visiting Green Gables Heritage Place complete with recreated village, Haunted Woods and Lovers Lane.

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