Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bookmark Binge: June 10, 2012

As the great Ron Swanson once said:
Instead of half-assing the blog, we whole-assed our other commitments last week. However, we will be back whole-assing this week, including a review of Something Like Normal on Monday and the cover reveal for The Reece Malcolm List on Wednesday. Until then, enjoy these links!

Can't get enough of...
Amy Spaulding's The Reece Malcolm List cover reveal tour?
Amy kicked off the tour here at YAA on Tuesday with a guest post about how she came up with an idea for the cover.  The tour continued at...
GReads with adventures in location scouting
Novel Novice on the importance of wardrobe and styling
A Good Addiction has an exclusive interview with the cover model

Look at all these links lying around...
Just in case you missed it, The Readventurer's YA Flow Chart at Stacked is a must-see.
If Ron Swanson wrote book blurbs.
Into audiobooks? Into FREE audiobooks? Bookmark this link (via bookshelves of doom).
If any of you are participating in the 48 Book Challenge this weekend--good luck!


  1. Any post that has a little Ron Swanson in it is amazing. The Pawnee Rangers/Pawnee Goddesses episode was on the other day and I was cracking up for so many reasons, (That's also the Treat Yo Self episode) but I love all the kids at the end who show up for the no-fun group at the end.

    Thanks for linking to that chart I spent eons on:)

    I can't wait to listen to all those freeee audiobooks!

  2. I love all the Ron Swanson book blurbs - and guess what? The girl who wrote those is a blogger from Richmond! Like I need another book blog to follow, haha.

    I can't wait to experience two whole asses this week.

  3. Hee, seeing Ron at the top of this post made me laugh out loud!

    I can't wait for the cover reveal, hurry up, Wednesday! And I love the Ron book blurbs, they should be real!

  4. I missed seeing you guys around here, but your bookmark binge never fails to make me laugh! Looking forward to more of your posts this week! :)


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