Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blind Item

Which character in a hotly anticipated movie based on a popular Young Adult book series is actually based on a character from a hit 80s TV show? Find out after the jump!

Peeta from The Hunger Games is based on the original boy with the bread, Peter Chiara, from The Cosby Show! Their outfits are even similar!

Recognize that running form? Pump those arms Peter/Peeta!


 Peter Chiara was in charge of the bread long before Peeta Mellark.

"All he did was hold the bread."

Your secret is out, Bread Boy. YAA is on to you.

Disclaimer: This was not based on anything except an overactive imagination that was shaped during the heyday of the Huxtables, and anticipation for the upcoming Hunger Games release. No one is accusing Suzanne Collins of anything, although..... Peter, Peeta. Rudy, Rue. ;) We love you, Suzanne!


  1. Hee! It has been so long since I've watched the Cosby Show. I loved the squealing when the juicer started, run little dude, RUN!

  2. Hahahahaha, this was so great. Did you take the time to make those running gifs? I freaking love The Cosby Show. There is the potential for so many amazing gifs from that show. And I am guessing this entire post just came from one of you two watching some reruns on tv.

    1. Flannery, did you watch the Cosby/Obama skit on SNL? Definitely helped with the Cosby mindset. -M

  3. Bahahha I totally laughed REALLY hard at that gif of Peter running.

    What a hilarious post!

  4. Lmaooooo! Too funny & too cute! I loved "Your secret is out bread boy." hahaha Great post!

  5. LOL! Truly funny gif!

    And, btw, I LOVE your blog name. Wish I'd thought of it myself, as I'm about 10 years older than most of the bloggers out there (and they're older than the YA target market, which makes me...older.). YA anonymous, indeed.


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