Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YAA Confessions: Vacation-Style

By: Noelle

I'm back from vacation! Did you guys miss me?  Did you even notice I was gone?  Heh.  I was halfway across the world for the last 8 days, but hopefully between Maggie and some queued posts YAA continued to keep you entertained.  Here's what I did on my vacation---YAA-style!

First up, I found my new favorite reading spot in the entire world.  It only takes a 12 hour flight to get there!
The photo isn't doing the depth-perception justice so let me explain: That's a bench on top of a cliff at Shipwrecks Beach in Kauai, Hawaii.  Amazing right?  I'd spend so much time up there it's not even funny.  What better place to contemplate what would happen if Tom Mackee and Adam Wilde met.  Or if Frankie Landau-Banks and Ruby Oliver were college roommates.  You know, the important things.

While I was exploring Kauai, I also stumbled across:
Talk Story Bookstore: the Western-Most Independent Bookstore of the United States!

And then just to taunt me:
You might think 3887 miles seems like a lot but it's the closest I've ever been to Australia.  So close, yet so far, Ed & Lucy.

And I might just have to change my results for the last Goodreads survey because I just couldn't resist this fancy Hawaiian bookmark:

I found a huge pile of library books on my doorstep when I got home and although I resisted swan-diving in Scrooge McDuck style, the reviews and posts will be back to normal very soon.  Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my queued posts while I was gone. 

Speaking of Hawaii, does anyone know of any YA books set there?  That bench is just asking to be a part of a pivotal scene, am I right? 



    *throws glitter and books*

    Paperback ones of course. Hardbacks would probz hurt.

    Wow, that reading spot is perfection! I hope you read something wonderful there.

    I've just read a book set in Hawaii (The Raft) but... um, well, I couldn't really recommend it because it's a bit... um... bad.

    That bookmark is beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks, Jo!

      *twirls through glitter and paperbacks in slo-mo*

      And in pure vacation-read fashion what I was reading there was nowhere near poignant as the view. *cough*

      That's it, I'm writing a YA novel about a teen who works at an adventure tourist attraction and has a romantic interlude at THE BENCH. Ziplining, sunset seasickness and angst. I will call it DRAMAMINE.


    2. You'd better have been reading a kissing book!

      Hahaha, I would be all over that book.
      I can't wait.


  2. Welcome back, Noelle! I am so, so jealous of your Hawaiian-getaway *pouts*

    I love that you have now been closer to Australia than you have before. I had to convert the miles into km so I could get a sense of how close, you were only 6255km away from us! You and Maggie need to book a trip to Sydney, stat!

    1. Thank you!! I know--it was so close. More than halfway there! ONE DAY. --N

  3. What a crazy beautiful place to sit and read and, er, whatever else. I bet Jo actually threw hardback books--what a wench. I can't think of any YA books in Hawaii so why don't you go ahead and get on top of that? The only things I know that are set in Hawaii are The Descendants, Blue Crush, and that Elvis movie Blue Hawaii, oh and Lilo & Stitch (<3) and Hawaii-Five-O, oh and Lost. Turns out there are a lot of cinematic events being filmed in Hawaii. Why are books so left out?

    I'm jealous of your amazing vacation!

    1. You're right. Why ARE books so left out? Hello. Paradise! Tropical hormones! Island/teenage metaphors! That's it. I'm adding it to my "write in my head while I'm stranded without my Kindle" waiting room/public transportation file. :) --N


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