Friday, March 30, 2012

YAA Confessions: I'm a Fictional Band Groupie

Just an example of how our brains are hard-wired over here at YAA: we went from browsing this Etsy store to "Personalized? Obviously we're getting a YA band name!"  

Fresh in our memories and hearts we naturally thought of Wolfboy's band from Leanne Hall's This is Shyness/Queen of the Night.  (Sorry 'bout your band name, Adam Wilde.)

Ta da! Our version of YAA BFF secret bat signal bracelets and a tribute to our Shyness/The Long Blinks fandom all in one:

If you need us, we'll be working at the merch table at Wolfie's next show.  See you there.


  1. I WANT ONE!
    Seriously, so cool.
    SO COOL.

    ps. Oh Adam. Shooting Stars? Eeesh.

    1. Hee, Jo I still huff about that band name all the time. Oh, Adam. --N

  2. Oh - I am such an etsy addict. I could spend all day over there. But I don't because I need to feed and clothe my children. I love that you two have matching bracelets!

    1. Catie, I'm an Etsy binger--I avoid it for months at a time and then have a complete self-control meltdown and order like 5 things at once. Sigh. --N


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