Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DJ Duel & Dance Party: Sorta Like a Rock Star

So not only do we write a blog about YA books and make art about YA books and watch TV shows because they kinda sorta remind us of a YA book, we also often make playlists to go along with our favorite reads.

We know. We lead truly fascinating lives.

BUT why keep the soundtracks to ourselves when we can have a DJ Duel and Dance Party with all of our readers?  Here's how it works.  We each will choose a song to represent our book of the week.  It can be the lyrics, it can be the style, it can be a nod to a certain moment in the book or it can just be a feeling associated with the book.  We'll post the songs here and let our readers vote for their favorite along with suggesting songs of their own.  After voting is complete, we'll have a kickass playlist to put on our Spotify!

This week our book is Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick.  Here is Noelle's review if you want to refresh your memory on the awesomeness that is Amber Appleton.  Okay let's do this!

DJ Noelle:  I've gotta go with Alex Winston's cover of Everlasting Light by The Black Keys.

Why?  Amber Appleton is like a freaking flood lamp---scratch that, she's like the stadium lighting equivalent of hope.  She could probably solar power your house.  These lyrics are pure Amber.

Lyrics like whoa: Let me be your everlasting light / Your sun when there is none / I'm a shepherd for you / And I'll guide you through / Let me be your everlasting light 
Let me be your everlasting light / Your home when there is cold / In me you can confide / When no one's by your side / Let me be your everlasting light

DJ Maggie: I'm going Korean -- Oh My Friend by Big Bang.

Why? I wanted something that combined the Korean Divas for Christ with Amber's ridonkulous energy. Solution? Why K-POP, of course!

Lyrics like whoa: If this world makes you sad, say my name whenever and wherever / I am 911, for you only, I'm only 5 minutes away, yeah yeah / Your sorrow that you feel isn't sorrow / It's a rope that bonded us together / I'll get wet in rain for you, run without a stop, go through a rough wind yeah / Your heavy burden, dark shadow; I will block them all now

Oh my friend oh my friend; I will be your friend forever
Oh my friend oh my friend; only you can make me live
Oh my friend oh my friend; I will become a tree behind you silently
Oh my friend oh my friend; my friend I love you (dear) friend 

It's time to vote!

Now it's time for your song requests!  What other songs do you think should be on our Sorta Like a Rock Star playlist?  Leave your choices in the comment section!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What a brilliant idea!

    As I have not read this book I don't think I could choose with an informed decision between the songs.

    So, instead of voting, I'm going to have distract you with an interpretive dance.


    *runs away while you're distracted with my moves*

    ps. Noelle... you should release your Chaos Crying soundtrack. NOW.

  2. Haha, awesome! Like Jo, I haven't actually read Sorta Like A Rock Star (although I'm planning to, only have my TBR pile to blame!) and I didn't quite dare to vote without any "background knowledge :). But love this idea!

  3. Oh you girls and your voting ethics! :D We'll have to choose a more well known/read book next week! ~N

  4. Ok, I voted even though I haven't read the book and I went with Noelle's because I re-read the review and I thought it suited Amber. But, Maggie your choice was super fun, I still have it playing while I'm typing this ;)


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