Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dance Party: Jennifer Echols

This week, we're ditching the duel and focusing on the dance party.  That's right, no competition--just your sweet dance moves.  The theme this week is Jennifer Echols books with the fun, the swoon and the disco chicken:

There are plenty to choose from, from her earlier rom-coms to Going Too Far and The One That I Want.  We'll get you started with two of our picks and then you guys can fill out the form with your submissions.  Let's bust a move.

Noelle: When I think of Jennifer Echols, I think of summer and boys.  Sure, many of her books take place during the school year but details, details. There's just something about the feel of her books that says sunshine and hormones to me.  Hence:

I'm playing The Ataris with their Boys of Summer cover.  If I had to choose a specific Echols book for this song it'd be The Boys Next Door.

Maggie: I love how energetic and vibrant Echols' characters are. If they're not wakeboarding, they're snowboarding or drum majoring. Her books always feature colorful side characters as well so I'm going with:

Don't Go Breaking My Heart by the cast of, ahem, Ella Enchanted! I'm picking this song for Adam and Lori in Endless Summer. See, it's okay if we both picked Adam and Lori because Echols had the foresight to write two books with them!

Your turn!


  1. I LOVE that disco chicken! Someone posted it on one of my reviews once and it makes me laugh whenever I see her.

    I enjoyed the little chat, ladies. I've never read Jennifer Echols, but I've always been curious about her books. "Summer and boys" sounds like a fun combination to me. ;)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Wendy isn't the disco chicken mesmerizing?? Haha I watch it for like at least 30 seconds every time I stumble across it. Guaranteed laugh. Echols is one of my go-to reads I save up for bleh days. Even my less than favorites of hers are guaranteed to have some laughs and chemistry galore. :) --Noelle

  2. I LOVE ALL BOOKS BY JENNIFER ECHOLS! ♥ She is definitely one of my alltime faovurite YA contemporary author. Her books completely rock!

    LOL, I love that disco chicken too!

    Awesome post, you guys!

    PS: I'm a new follower too! ♥

    Celine @ Forget-Me-Not

    1. Welcome Celine! :D You should totally pick out a song for the request line! Hint hint nudge nudge (You're new so you don't know this about me yet: I'm a total peer pressurer :)) --N

  3. Oh ladies, I want to marry your brain.
    I saw The Ataris in a muddy field with a pint of warm cider in my hand once.

    I've never read any Jennifer Echols' books though, I need to get on that pronto.

    Also, move to America so we can hang out and generally love life.

    1. Jo! I'm pretty sure that *I* saw The Ataris in a muddy field with a warm bottle of beer lol. This is like one of those Sliding Doors things isn't it??

      I'm thinking Maggie and I need to do a field trip to YOU. I'll mark that on my to-do right under "winning the lotto" and get started on that immediately. ONE DAY. --N

  4. Ella Enchanted FTW! Even though the movie is *ahem* quite inferior to the book, I have to admit that I love the musical scenes (Caaaan..anybodyyyyy...find meeeee...somebody toooooo....LOOOVE.) This is such a great idea you two. I only wish that I had actually read a Jennifer Echolls book so I could contribute a song. Next time, I'll be all over it.

  5. Thanks for using my video in this! :)


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