Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bookmark Binge: April 29, 2012

Haven't gotten enough of...

Check out Elizabeth Norris' inspiration board for Unraveling.
Listen to her official playlist on her blog.
Two Chicks on Books made a photo tour of San Diego landmarks featured in the book.
The Nocturnal Library features Norris' top 5 highs of her debut novel publication process.

Getting Somewhere?
Beth Neff also has some thoughts on anticipating the publication of her debut novel.
Neff guest posts on Eve's Fan Garden about a person's capacity to change.

And Then Things Fall Apart?
Arlaina Tibensky reveals her top 4 influential YA books.
Nova Ren Suma chats with Tibensky about character voice, to MFA or not MFA, the revision process, rejection and more: "I think most of publishing is an endurance test. The last one standing gets a book deal."
Tibensky makes a list of Keek's favorite books.
Tibensky's "Make Arlaina disappear and Keek take over" playlist.

Oh look at all these links lying around...
Don't miss Flannery's fun and comprehensive recap of YA or Bust.
We're still spazzing about the latest Chaos Walking movie news.
A really cool video of how book covers are made (starring Gail Carriger's Blameless)
File this under things I wish I had read 10 years ago: How to Get a Publishing Internship in 3 Steps.
How to make a bad situation worse: Victim blaming and blind retaliation.
Have any of you ever participated in the 48 Hour Book Challenge? Count me out this year (I'll be bridesmaiding), but I'm sure Maggie will represent YAA.  Right, Magsby?

Coming Soon -- What We're Reading and Reviewing...In Theory
Um, other than the books I have posted for the last two weeks I haven't read yet? (THE SHAME!)



  1. You've included some great links this week, the victim blaming one is just plain sad but on a happier note I am looking forward to your upcoming reviews, ladies!

    1. Thank you Mandee! That link is so frustrating isn't it? --N

  2. Woohoo, The Blue Sword! That's one of my favorites. Also curious about Holier Than Thou.

    1. Hee, Chachic. I've been what Maggie would call harrasking her to read Blue Sword forever haha. I hope she likes it as much as we do. :D --N

  3. Oh, I'm mentioned here. NO BIG DEAL. Maybe I'll just print it out and post it on my wall.

    I hope you two more than hypothetically review some of those books. SPECIFICALLY THE BUZO. Review that one or I'll come into your rooms at night and cut all your shirts into muscle tees.

    I love that book cover video. I watched it a while back...and then I watched it 40 more times.

    1. Sorry, Flannery. Your threats are meaningless--all my shirts are already muscle tees! Good thing Maggie is reading that one ;) She makes me so jealous with all of her "planning ahead" and "preordering". I can't wait for her to review it either.

      And I love the Eiffel tower oops in that video! --N

  4. Some interesting links this week ladies! I'm definitely signing up to the 48 hour book challenge! I seriously need to get my butt into gear and get some reading done! You've also got some great books coming up, can't wait to hear your thoughts on Burn for Burn and Holier than thou! :)

    1. Yes! I would love to join that challenge just so I can be like sorry, can't talk right now OFFICIAL READING CHALLENGE going on :D. My Goodreads Challenge is scoffing at me already haha. --N

  5. I was officially challenged to read The Blue Sword this month. Not sure if that's more or less binding than a good harasking but maybe I'll join you Maggie.

    I can't believe those two links from last week's fiasco. Ag.

  6. I must start reading Laura Buzo. *repeats/chants on a regular basis*

  7. When are you gonna read Buzo Maggie? When? Do it now, NOW! :D


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