Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bookmark Binge: April 8, 2012

Haven't gotten enough of...

Check out the Wanderlove tumblr and submit the place that sticks in your heart.
Give a listen to Kirsten Hubbard's official Wanderlove playlist.
Sloppy Firsts?
Don't miss Forever Young Adults interview with Megan McCafferty.
Take in the cinematic excellence of this YouTube 10th anniversary tribute. (spoilers!)

Oh look at these links just lying around...
ICYMI: The US paperback cover for The Piper Son was revealed. Preorder for $5.99!
If you can overcome your jealousy of Jo, listen to her Marchetta-produced Mackee mix CD!
The Rejectionist officially introduces herself (and her  upcoming book!)
Ever wonder how your favorite YA heroine would handle the every day crap you do?
New Aussie YA author (!) blurbed by Melina Marchetta (!!) and reviewed by VeganYANerds.
In a book club? Jessi Kirby is doing a Book Club In A Bag giveaway for In Honor.

Upcoming reviews on YAA:

Basically...every book at the library.


  1. Maggie, this looks like my weekly haul from the library. Do you manage to read everything you check out? 'Cause I don't and keep driving them back to the library and then check them out again:)

    1. Me too! Haha. My car is basically a bookmobile. It's even worse now that I've discovered the other library system in LA because they allow 50 checkouts! -M


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