Sunday, September 1, 2013

YAA: I Know What You Did(n't Review) Last Summer

You may be asking yourself: What exactly have Maggie and I been doing all summer---BECAUSE IT CERTAINLY HASN'T BEEN REVIEWING BOOKS.

WELL. It's not like we've been staring into the middle distance with artful lighting, a wind machine, some y-necklaces and a pack of Kools.

Of course we read. HELLO. We even logged into Blogger every now and then and started some reviews. And there those review drafts stayed. Unpublished. For months.

We got complacent and lazy but then I opened up my latest library book to find this:
Obviously, it's time to come clean before we have to practice our Ginger scream (warning True Blood spoilers in that link). Here's what Maggie and I read this summer (and the chances of ever reading a review of it on this site):
Theme of the Offseason:
Noelle - Judging by the graphic, I'd have to say Book Series with at least Four Installments for $800, Alex.  Also, if I'm being 100% honest: Books Maggie has Already Read so I Won't Have to Review Them.  Phew.  It feels good to get that off my chest.
Maggie - Ha! Perfect because that was also my theme apparently. Half of the books I read were re-reads. Never mind the stack of unread books I bought, borrowed, or swapped -- Kate Daniels (and Curran, ahem) demanded to be read again!

Book On This List I'm MOST Likely to Review:  
Noelle - The Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce because I actually took notes! (Even though those notes are now stuck on an old cellphone that is stuck in a boot loop.  So EVENTUALLY is what I'm saying.)
Maggie - Wildlife. For sure...ish. (I'm afraid to say for sure and make it feel like homework, which of course, I won't do.) But yeah, Wildlife. It's one of my favorite, if not favorite, reads so far this year. So good and so worth the wait. Hopefully my review will be? I also want to review Since You Asked and recap the launch.

Best Material I Won't Get to Use Because I'm Not Writing a Review:
Noelle - Secret Society Girl: Because have you ever wondered WHAT IF FRANKIE AND ALPHA WENT TO COLLEGE TOGETHER?  Also, The Fire Horse Girl contains the best marriage proposal refusal mic drop since Pride & Prejudice.
Maggie - Alanna, or Arya Stark becomes a knight and gets her period. 

I Had a Summer Fling with...
Noelle - Non-fiction I guess? SEXY. (Before you say anything Maggie, my Rory Curtain secret reads are a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, okay?)
Maggie - Curran.

Book I'm not Reviewing But Really Wish You'd Read:
Noelle - The Lost Conspiracy and The Fire Horse Girl.  I really wish I hadn't read these in the middle of my biggest reviewing slump of all time.  I loved both of them and think you will too!
Maggie - Ghosts of Ashbury High, which means you have to read Feeling Sorry for Celia and Year of Secret Assignments! Snookered, Jaclyn Moriarty styles. She's such a unique and creative writer. I think every YA fan should read her.

Luckily, all things--even reviewless summers on book blogs--must come to an end.  And what do you know? Blogging has dragged us back in.
Hopefully with less kicking and screaming.  Don't look now, but there is an actual completed review in our drafts folder scheduled to post on Tuesday! We swear on Jennifer Love Hewitt!

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