Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bookmark Binge: October 21, 2012

Can't get enough of...

The Assassin's Curse?
Check out the newly released cover art for the sequel The Pirate's Wish. (PS. That's a manticore!)
Cassandra Rose Clarke's blog tour had a lot of fun posts including: a hypothetical movie cast, her favorite fictional pirates, and the development that went into deciding Ananna would be a pirate.

The Girl Most Likely? 
It's going to be a film and Rebecca Sparrow tweeted that Rachel has been cast!
I can't wait to hear who Rachel and Zoe are. You can follow the news on their FB page.

Look at all these links lying around...
This YA book cover themed wedding shower card is hilarious (via That Cover Girl)
Don't miss Belle's close encounter with Craig Silvey.
Check out The Reclusive Reader Battle of the Covers for Graffiti Moon. (Maggie actually owns 3/4 of the versions in the battle!)

Upcoming Reviews and Reads...
Maggie has been plowing through our The Readventurer She Made Me Do It challenge like there's no tomorrow but I managed to get on the score board this week by finishing book one in my challenge.  I'll optimistically add the other two books as "coming soons":

How about you Maggie?
I finished the White Cat audiobook but didn't love Jesse Eisenberg as the narrator. Once I uncurl from the fetal position, I'll be reviewing Quintana of Charyn. Quintana was unquestionably my most anticipated book this year. I'll also review the final book of The Readventurer challenge and hopefully start another fantasy series by the author of Code Name Verity.

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