Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bookmark Binge: October 14, 2012's been awhile but instead of shame spiraling we are making up for lost time!

Can't get enough of...

Friday Brown?
Read Vikki Wakefield's Story of My Book at Readings.
There is another great interview with Vikki from ALPHA Reader.
Listen to Wakefield discuss Friday Brown and teen fiction in general on ABC Adelaide.

Clara in Washington?
There aren't many reviews of out there, but I really like this one by My Girl Friday.
I also liked seeing an actual copy of the book with its gorgeous cover on Bean There, Read That.

Don't miss the two short stories of the Unspoken universe: The Spring Before I Met You and The Summer Before I Met You
Sleeps With Monsters: Sarah Rees Brennan answers Six Questions for
SRB talks with the designer of that beautiful, beautiful cover on her blog.
SRB's tumblr is a ton of fun as well complete with fancasting and fan art and series news!

Look at all these links lying around...
This slideshow by Entertainment Weekly of TV Faves reimagined as kid fiction cracked me up.
At the Hairpin: Things to Ban Instead of Commonly Banned Books (thanks for the link, sis!)

And if you're wondering what we'll be reading soon...
Check out our She Made Me Do It Reading Challenge over at The Readventurer!

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  1. So many great links this week! Especially *ahem* :)

    I went over to the EW article hoping for a good laugh but then realized that I don't in fact watch tv anymore so I can't understand any of the jokes. Very sad.


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