Saturday, March 24, 2012

YAA Confessions: I've Become One of THOSE People

By: Maggie

You know those people who dress up in costume for midnight movie releases? I've always been on Triumph the Insult Dog's side of that divide.

And then came The Hunger Games.
Yes, Suzanne Collins has turned me. This is the bracelet (found on Etsy) I wore to the midnight release. I found another bracelet first, which had finer detailing, but it was also $50. That's 4 books! Luckily, I found the option above for only $5.99, which is definitely in my price range.

If I'm dressed as Effie Trinket at the Catching Fire midnight release, you'll know... This is where it all started.


  1. I'm not one for dressing up for movies but I think that bracelet is gorgeous, Maggie! I'm looking forward to your Effie costume :p

  2. Pictures or it didn't happen.

    Also, love the bracelet.

  3. That bracelet is beautiful! I kind of want to buy it, as $5.99 is totally in my price range too.

    1. Get it, April! :) Even with shipping, it's still only $12. -M

  4. I love that bracelet so much!
    I've been looking for something HG-y without it screaming "HEY LOOOOK AT ME BEING A FANGIRL!"...I might have to visit Etsy.


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