Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading Reconnaissance: The Hunger Games

As Ellie's dad in the Tomorrow series said: "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted." And good thing, too. We'd hate to think the countless hours spent hard at work, scouring Goodreads, searching blogs and updating our TBR spreadsheets (sad but true) were a waste of time. Now we want to save you time by breaking down recent and future book releases.

By: Maggie

I love looking at different editions of books. Janina has a great post on her blog about German editions of books. The Hunger Games is my favorite series and I own the hardcover editions of the books, which are gorgeous.

But then, while perusing Fishpond for some Australian books, I saw these covers:

So simple, so perfect. They're the paperback editions released in the UK. I'm justifying this purchase because there doesn't seem to be a paperback release date in the US and it falls under the $10 threshold, which is my limit for repeat purchases. Plus, just look at them! Yes, I'm now officially qualified for the next season of Hoarders, but these books are totally worth it.

I was going to get them a few weeks ago when they were $8.95 each, but I hemmed and hawed and when I was finally ready to purchase, the price had gone up to $11-12. They're now back down to $9.80, so... MINE!

If you'd like to join me on Hoarders (and you already have your requisite 50 cats), you can purchase these beautiful paperbacks at Fishpond. Here are the links:


  1. Ooh, those are really nice! I wish I'd known before I bought my bestie a set, I had to get her these uggo covers - oh well!

    Now I am tempted to buy these pretty ones for myself ;)

  2. Oh, nice! They're so simple and I love how the Mockingjay pin stands out sharply against the black. Thanks for sharing! :) Nice to meet you, by the way.


  3. *looks sheepish* I own three sets of the series.. including the new UK paperbacks. I can't stop. It's a real problem!

    1. I love it, Rey! :) Which three? Which edition did I miss?! And I love that you have two copies of Graffiti Moon too. I think I need to send you the US edition to complete the trifecta. -M

  4. ..... I may or may not have just used some of my birthday money to buy those UK covers. SO BEAUTIFUL.

    My name is Jo and I am a hoarder.

    1. Yay! Welcome, Jo. And we hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

      I was so jealous when I saw that the books were less than £5 on Amazon UK, but shipping was ridic. -M

  5. Those Australian covers are so classy! I think I may have to order some!


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