Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DJ Duel Results: Sorta Like a Rock Star

We know you all have been waiting on pins and needles to hear the results of our first ever DJ Duel and Dance Party.  Did you all bust a move in your living rooms? Did you vote? Do you love us now that we can dance? Did you vote?? DID YOU???

Ahem.  Let's review:  
Last week we both chose songs for Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick:
DJ Noelle chose "Everlasting Light" the Black Keys cover by Alex Winston because "[Amber Appleton] could probably solar power your house."

DJ Maggie chose "Oh My Friend" by Big Bang as a nod to both the Korean Divas for Christ and "Amber's ridonkulous energy."

And the winner with 71% of the vote is....after the jump!

Congratulations DJ Noelle!

You win: One Amber Appleton Haiku.

To everyone who voted---thank you so much!

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough submissions to create a Sorta Like a Rock Star Spotify playlist this week.  However, keep in mind we will always take song submissions for it so even if you end up reading this book six months from now and come up with a song idea, make sure to post it in the comment section of the original duel or this page.

Speaking of which, next time we want to choose a more widely-read book so that we can have more reader participation.

So help us out---what book should we DJ Duel next?


  1. I wanted to vote so badly but I haven't read this yet. Also, I'm in love with the name "DJ Duel and Dance Party." You two crack me up so for the love of god, please pick something I've read next time and I will give you lots of harassment and song suggestions for the next one:)

    1. Oooh Flannery, I'm going to go spend some quality time browsing your "favorites" shelf and MAKE THIS HAPPEN. *cabbage patches over to goodreads* -N

  2. Congrats, Noelle!

    I vote for Graffiti Moon, I just checked Goodreads and you've both read it and I've read and a bazillion other people have read it!

    1. Thanks! And don't you worry---we have a special Graffiti Moon week planned probably next month. (But that gives you extra time to think up a song suggestion, right? RIGHT? Haha can't wait to hear what you pick out!) -N

  3. Something of the Marchetta persuasion.

    Go onnnn.

    Well done, Noelle!


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