Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bookmark Binge: November 18, 2012

Let's play some catch-up.  In case you haven't gotten enough of...

The Hollow Kingdom?
How cool is this? Clare B. Dunkle posted a bunch of deleted scenes from The Hollow Kingdom on her blog.  (Warning: Inevitable spoilers for those who haven't read it!)
Dunkle also answers questions specifically for readers of The Hollow Kingdom. (Again: spoiler alert.)
I had a feeling there would be some fan art for this series, here is my favorite I found: Prince Charming He's Not

My Most Excellent Year?
Apparently Steve Kluger made website for Augie (Enter the fabulous word of Augie Hwong!), but it's not running anymore. Sad. I'm sure it was fabulous.

Where to start with Quintana? How about Melina's casting choice for Perri.
One of my favorite reviews has some Joetry, poetry by Jo on Wear the Old Coat.
132 Minutes hosted a blog tour and had a guest post by Melina herself.
Danielle at Alpha Reader recapped 'Meet Melina Marchetta' and 'The Art of Writing for Children' at the Melbourne Writers Festival.
And of course, I have to mention the fabulous playlists by Noelle, Reynje, and Catie.

Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight?
In case you need more reasons to read this, here is Nomes's fabulous review.
Like with My Most Excellent Year, I should've read this sooner because apparently I missed the extras and alternate scenes on However, the About page is still up.

Look at all these links lying around...
Laini Taylor announces the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Jewelry Collection! All proceeds for sales made through January 31 will go to the Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief!
Leanne over at the Reclusive Reader is looking for a co-blogger.
Jo kicks off her new feature On Writing by interviewing Trish Doller on American Contemporary Fiction.
And if you missed this post last week, The Readventurer discusses fictional settings they wish they could explore in real life.

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