Friday, April 6, 2012

Adventures in the Bargain Book Bin: April 6, 2012

By Noelle

I admit it: I spend at least a couple hours a month in the Amazon Bargain Book section.  I generally look for hardcovers under $8,  paperbacks under $5 and e-books under $4.  Just in case clicking through 100 pages of book links isn't your thing, here is what caught my eye this time around.

Warning: Some of these have extremely limited available quantities.

Stray (Touchstone #1) by Andrea K. Höst • Goodreads
E-book: FREE 
(Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!)


Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80

Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80 $1.22 (thanks Flannery!)

The Sweetness of Salt by Cecilia Galante • Goodreads
Hardcover - $2.36

What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80

More bargain priced hard covers and paperbacks after the jump!

Wildefire by Karston Knight • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80
(Thanks for the tip, Catie!)

Black Box by Julie Schumacher • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80

Are We There Yet? by David Levithan • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.38

Choker by Elizabeth Woods • Goodreads
Hardcover - $6.80

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin by Josh Berk • Goodreads
Library Binding - $4.08

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare • Goodreads
Paperback - $4.40

How to Be Bad by Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski and E. Lockhart • Goodreads
Paperback - $3.60

I Am Apache by Tanya Landman • Goodreads
Paperback - $3.20

Happy reading!


  1. Some great finds this week! I just thought I'd add that I saw The Spectacular Now (hardback) for 6.80 this morning. Another great YA! Thanks for digging these up - I jumped all over the free copy of Stray.

    1. Oh cool, Catie! I'll add it to the list. Thanks! :D --N

  2. Hey Noelle! :D did you read rey's review of Miles from ordinary on goodreads? Have had my eye on it ever since. Great picks. I quite enjoyed clockwork angel :)

    1. Hey Aly! I did! That's actually why it caught my eye. :) I think I might be the last person on earth who hasn't read Clockwork haha. --N

  3. I saw the Carol Lynch Williams one on Amazon for $1.22 --

    I really liked Stray; Wendy and I read it together:) And Hamburger Halpin I listened to but I bet it would be pretty funny in book form as well. I bought Spectacular Now on Catie's recommendation a while back. Let me know if you want to read it together! (if either of you bought it)

    1. Thanks Flannery! Man Amazon is diabolical like that. Half of these links are now different prices...That's a great find though! I haven't gotten Spectacular Now yet but I'm strongly considering it. I'll let you know! --N

  4. O hai, I was just popping in to see what you guys were up to and I saw my name! I love a good freebie or bargain, it's partly why I like secondhand bookshops so much. :) Looks like there's a lot to keep you busy for awhile--happy reading, Noelle!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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