Monday, May 14, 2012

Dance Party: In Honor

We haven't had a dance party in awhile and we both just finished In Honor by Jessi Kirby and thought--- any excuse to put dancing + Rusty in the same daydream, right?  We'll give you a moment.

Setting the mood:  Carry On My Wayward Son, Free FallingGod Blessed Texas, On the Road Again, Hello Darlin'.  And don't forget to read Maggie's review!

We'll get you started with our song picks and then you guys can fill out the form below to submit your requests.

There are some really poignant scenes in this book, but there are also some silly sugarcoated moments. I'm going for the silly, sweet song that I would blast at full volume on a road trip. And make Rusty sing along to.
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

So I'm totally picking the song that makes everyone realize they're one tequila shot away from drunk crying but oh my god it really IS like it comes and goes in waves, man:
Comes and Goes (in Waves) by Greg Laswell

Your turn! The request line is open.  Have you read In Honor? Tell us which song NEEDS to be on the soundtrack.  Haven't read it yet? What is your fave road trip song? Favorite Texas song? Favorite Tim Riggins song? We want to hear it:


  1. I like both of the songs you've chosen, I'd never heard them before so thanks!

    And I chose Jamiroquai, it probably doesn't suit the book at all but their tracks are always great in the car. Maybe some Beatles too ;)

  2. I always hear that Call Me Maybe song on the radio but I never paid attention to who sang it. And let's not kid ourselves--half the reason Maggie picked that song was so everyone would see those abs.

    And Noelle, you're right that that song makes me want to cry, even if I'm not drunk. (tequila? really?)

    Again, you've picked a book that I haven't read yet. My favorite road trip songs are mostly ones you can rock out to like Led Zeppelin and other classic rock. Then again, I do have an entire CD with musical songs that I like to belt out with my siblings and/or friends.

  3. I've never heard either of these songs! I really want to read this book though I see great reviews popping up daily!


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