Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bookmark Binge: February 24, 2013

In case you haven't gotten enough of...

The Reece Malcolm List?.
Amy Spalding has a bunch of bonus features on her site including an official playlist, a location/scene map and spoilery FAQ.
Read Amy's interview with Nova Ren Suma and Amy's interview with her agent at kt literary.
And of course you can go down YAA memory lane by checking out the cover reveal and Maggie's recap of the launch party.

Life in Outer Space?
Read interviews with Melissa Keil over at My Best Friends Are Books and YAtopia and Book Probe Reviews.
Melissa Keil is the first author signed by The Ampersand Project.  Read more at their site.

Leviathan has one of the most awesome book trailers I've ever seen. And what about all those wonderful illustrations in the trailer (and book)? Scott Westerfeld discusses working with an illustrator in this video.
You can also actually buy prints of some of the illustrations in the book too!
If you are into audiobooks, Alan freaking Cumming does the narration for this series! Just listen to the sample first chapter.  Love him.
And Scott Westerfeld's blog is a treasure trove of fun Leviathan things in general, including different countries' cover art for Leviathan (China is a fave), fan art, cosplays and more.

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