Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bookmark Binge: June 3, 2012

Haven't gotten enough of...


Sarra Manning vlogs about her teenage musical influences, including Hole and The Smiths.
She also vlogs about other influences, including Jordan Catalano and leaning.
Her official Adorkable playlist on Spotify.
Manning's Adorkable Pinterest board.

Oh look at all these links lying around...
As you know we're big book-related jewelry fans here at YAA.  If you are too, check out Katie's Book Blog Bookish Jewelry tag.
A Todd and Manchee (Chaos Walking) illustration by Grace (liberatrix) on tumblr.
Stacia Kane isn't a YA author but she IS pretty freaking awesome. (Also awesome: her Downside Ghost series).
Couldn't make it to the YA or Bust book tour featuring Nina LaCour, Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins? Check out Authors are Rockstars' podcast.

Coming soon -- What We're Reading and Reviewing... In Theory

Bridesmaid duties galore this week but hopefully---


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  1. I love Sarra's vlog, I could listen to English people speak, all day long!

    And the cover of Eleanor & Park has caught my eye, I'm off to find out what it's about!


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