Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bookmark Binge: May 20, 2012

Haven't gotten enough of...

A Straight Line to My Heart?
Fun fact: Bill Condon got a one day trial at a paper and ended up staying for 10 years.

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour?
Watch a video of Morgan Matson chatting about the book.
In case you missed it, I made Roger's roadtrip playlists into a grooveshark compilation.
Some fun interviews with Matson: Books Complete Me and Chick Loves Lit.
A Flickr compilation of The Loneliest Highway in the World.

Oh look at all these links lying around...
Mindi Scott on concert field trips in the name of establishing character voice.
Via bookshelvesofdoom a breakdown of the year in YA covers with awesome infographics.
Flavorwire's 30 Gorgeous and Innovative bookshelves.
Once again Flannery schools everyone in the art of the book event recap.
Pretty much the best In My Mailbox ever? We think so.
What characters would you start to resemble if you really are what you read? (via YA Highway)
I kind of wished they'd saved this cool cover effect for a different book.
Belle's Bookshelf and the search for a non-cheesy wedding reading.  Any suggestions? (CONGRATS Belle! :D)

Coming soon--what we're reading and/or theory

Maggie: (To review this week! Maybe. Hopefully.)


  1. Thos bookshelves are so amazing! I keep staring at some of them. I think Infinity is my favorite, but I adore the 'Has been read - will be read' one too.
    Also, I'm totally excited about some of the upcoming reviews, especially Holly Cupala and Laura Buzo. Write, ladies, write faster¨! :)

    1. Aren't they awesome Maja? I'd love the Has Been--Will Be Read one so much. I think I'm picking up Cupula tonight so fingers crossed it's awesome! Thanks for commenting Maja. :D --N

  2. Those bookshelves are fantastic, I love the tree branch one as well as the tea cups plus I agree with Maja that the 'Has been read - will be read' one is so clever!

    Also, I clearly took on some of Ruby's traits after reading her series, ag! ;)

  3. I would love for someone to explain to me what the Romanian cover of Matched has to do with the story itself.

    1. I haven't read Matched but I was wondering the exact same thing Tatiana! --N

    2. I have read it, and I can assure you, there are no ghost boys in it:)

    3. So weird! I'm almost thinking it could have been used for Love Shy by Lili Wilkinson with the shyness and newspaper theme....Hmmm. --N

  4. Ha i love this week's bookmark binge, those bookshelves are awesome especially the "lost in the sofa" I wouldn't have to move for days I can just shove everything inside! And that Matched cover is totally wrong, how does that even represent the book? Again another amazing set of books coming up again this week Noelle and Maggie, can't wait to hear your thoughts on Take a Bow and Meant to Be! :)

    1. The lost in the sofa one cracked me up! "I'll just stick that in there...." I'd lose so much stuff in that thing! Thanks for commenting Jasprit :) --N

  5. I love these posts ladies!

    That Reddit post is SO beautiful. So gorgeous! <3

    Also, I want all of those bookshelves. ALL OF THEM. I'm going to be reading Ms Buzo soon!

    1. Did you cry Jo? DID YOU? (My aim is to induce tears in our followers obviously. Did it work? Heh.) No but seriously how touching was that? Ahhh sometimes people are amazing.

      You and Maggie and the Aussies and Buzo. I swear :P (Jealousy is a helluva drug haha). --N

  6. *lounges in a recliner with a beer* Ahhh, I love when I come here and you guys have written something nice about me. It makes reading through your blog not so tedious.... ;-) Just kidding, suckas. I agree that that cover feature should've been saved for another book instead of a different edition of Matched. Also, though a lot of those bookshelves are cool, most of them would be flipping awkward in a house. Oh Maggie and Noelle, cool...uh...whale bookshelf?


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